Friday, June 5, 2009

Wii Sleep: A Nintendo Solution for Insomnia?

In January the Sleep Education Blog reported on the benefits of playing the old-school video game Tetris; it can be a visual distraction that may reduce flashbacks and nightmares after a stressful event.

Nintendo is developing a video game application that is light years ahead of Tetris; the Wii Vitality Sensor may even help you fall asleep.

Nintendo introduced the device at
E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). The annual video game industry trade show was held earlier this week in Los Angeles.

A Nintendo
press release said that the Wii Vitality Sensor will detect your pulse and other body signals. This will give you information about “the body’s inner world.”

The Telegraph
reports that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata envisions the device as a potential sleep aid.

“It may not be long before games help people unwind or even fall asleep,” said Iwata.

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insomnia on

Image by Nintendo


Tim Specht said...

Interesting -- we'll probably buy this!

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