Sunday, August 30, 2009

Working Women Sleep Less than Men

A new study found that women who work full time sleep less than men, reports a University of Cincinnati statement. The study suggests that women often are responsible for most household chores and child care, which can affect their sleep.

The study’s researchers conducted a phone survey in which respondents were questioned about work, family and health status in addition to sleep-related questions.

Results of the study show that in addition to physical differences that cause women to sleep less, gender inequality during the daytime also causes women to lose sleep.

Women were more likely than men to report sleep disruption when they had unstable marriages, worked nonstandard hours or when family and job time overlapped.

Gender differences in health status accounted for 27 percent of the gender gap in sleep disruption, with women more likely to report health effects of sleep disruption. Struggles to balance work and family time accounted for 17 percent of the gender gap in sleep disruption, and parental status was responsible for an additional five percent of the gender gap.

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