Sunday, June 13, 2010

SLEEP 2010: Top 5 New Findings

The Sleep Education blog is counting down the top five studies of SLEEP 2010, the annual meeting of sleep professionals. Members of the research community and the media were introduced to hundreds of new abstracts at the convention center in San Antonio.

5. Morning type pitchers have the advantage in Major League Baseball
Players chronotypes and time of first pitch play a major role in performance when pitching. Morning larks’ sizable advantage in day games far exceeds the slight advantage night owls have in evening games.

4. Late-starting shifts harm sleep, limit productivity
Shifts that start in the late morning to early afternoon work best for employees. Start times between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m. may limit sleep and harm performance

3. Sleep helps legendary “Guitar Heroes” learn complex motor tasks
Overall performance in the video game “Guitar Hero” dramatically improves after a night of sleep. The results suggest a link between sleep and motor learning.

2. Regular bedtimes linked to better language, reading and math skills in preschool children
Young children who slept a recommended 11 hours per night scored higher on most developmental measures than their peers. Insufficient sleep may harm a childs development.

1. Sexsomnia: its more common than you think
Nearly eight percent of patients at sleep disorder clinics have sexsomnia, a parasomnia that occurs when a person unknowingly engages in sexual activity while asleep

Even though the landmark event of the year is behind us, the Sleep Education blog will continue to provide daily updates leading up to next year’s sleep meeting. Every day we will break down the latest studies and report the latest news about sleep and sleep disorders. Talk back to us on our comments section or our regularly updated twitter account,

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