Thursday, July 8, 2010

Learning from Lindsay Lohan, Follow Doctors' Orders for Sleeping Pills

Former teen starlet turned jailbird Lindsay Lohan reportedly was asking for trouble by combining Ambien and several other drugs. A report by the tabloid TMZ claims the troubled actress’s medicine cabinet contained Zolpidem, Adderall and Dilaudid, a potentially dangerous combination. Although CBS News was unable to verify it, the Lohan’s story is an opportunity to talk about responsible use of sleeping pills.

For Lohan, the consequences could have been a lot worse than a 90-day prison sentence. CBS News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. John Lapook reports combining Dilaudid and Ambien can depress your breathing and cause oxygen in your blood to become dangerously low.

Other potential drug combinations may be a recipe for trouble. Although probation has prevented Lohan from drinking or using illegal recreational drugs, it’s anyone’s guess what she may have been doing before had to wear a monitoring bracelet and take drug tests regularly.

Sleeping pills should never be taken with alcohol. That combination may result in a visit to the emergency room. Other drugs, especially those with depressant effects may lead to similar serious health problems.

The AASM reports Ambien is a safe short-term solution to insomnia… if you closely follow doctors’ orders. Strange episodes of sleep walking, sleep driving or even sleep sex can occur when the drug isn’t used as directed.
Cognitive behavioral therapy may be a better choice for long-term or chronic cases of insomnia.

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