Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Percy Harvin Sidelined Again with Migraines

After a 0-2 start to the season, things are looking bleaker by the day for the Minnesota Vikings. 40-year-old Quarterback Brett Favre is showing his age, and his primary target Sidney Rice won’t catch a pass until at least November.

The latest let-down involves the feel-good story of the NFL’s season opener. NBC’s Andrea Kremer reported mid-game that Percy Harvin found the cure for debilitating migraines. The athletic wide-receiver had sleep apnea and didn’t know it.

Harvin was diagnosed after collapsing on the field during practice last month. Numerous reports claimed CPAP treatment would solve the chronic migraines that plagued him since childhood. Harvin would be a whole new player capable of living up to his sky-high potential.

Then the news broke Wednesday that the 2008 first-round pick and future franchise wide receiver did not participate in team practice because of migraines.

Harvin’s health issues are huge blow for the Vikings, who have scored only 19 points over the first two regular season games.

Currently, it’s not entirely clear why the migraines have returned. There are two likely possibilities:

a) Harvin didn’t sleep with CPAP previous to practice

b) Something other than sleep apnea is causing the migraines

It’s disappointing that Harvin is having migraines again, but the sleep apnea diagnosis is a huge step forward for his health. After all, treatment can save his life.

Harvin’s doctors are more than likely re-evaluating his health. The Sleep Education Blog will continue to follow any developments. Look for breaking updates on Twitter:

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