Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mike Birbiglia Sleeps with Downy in Macy’s Window

Comedian Mike Birbiglia is putting the freshness of Ultra Downy April Fresh to the test by living and sleeping for a week behind a Macy’s store window in New York City. Proctor & Gamble is using the event to pitch Downy as the latest sleep aid.

But will a week of “clean sheet freshness” help Mike sleep better?

It will be a tough test. Birbiglia is notorious for being a bad sleeper.

“I am the worst sleeper in America,” he declared during a press conference at Macy’s.

In his stand-up routines and in his book
Sleepwalk with Me, Birbiglia shares vivid details about his struggle with REM sleep behavior disorder.

People who have RBD act out action-packed dreams as they sleep. The dreamer may punch, kick, jump or get out of bed and run. All of this occurs while he or she is still asleep.

Although Downy is no cure for RBD, putting fresh, clean sheets on the bed can be one way to help create a relaxing sleep environment. But it might not be so relaxing when people on the New York City streets are watching you through a window.

Mike will find out. He moved into his Macy’s bedroom yesterday and spent the night. “This is so, so strange,” he Tweeted.

In the week ahead Birbiglia plans to host a Yoga instructor and other special guests in his store window bedroom. He also plans to learn more about mannequin culture. And he wants to know why P&G doesn’t offer a pizza-scented Downy.

Watch live streaming video of Mike in the Window from four different camera angles on Facebook.

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