Monday, March 14, 2011

Donate and Support Disaster Relief Efforts in Japan

Millions displaced by Friday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami face a fourth consecutive night without food, water, shelter or heat. Sleep Education and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine are urging a rapid response to help provide these survivors with the basic necessities.

In a special message today, AASM President Dr. Patrick J. Strollo expressed his sympathies to the victims in Japan and issued a call to action for the sleep medicine community. Help assist in aid efforts by making a contribution to a relief agency of your choice.

So how can you donate? CNN has provided a list of reputable aid organizations, along with directions on how to donate. The Better Business Bureau has some general suggestions on how to avoid fraudulent or poorly run charities.

Meanwhile, the AASM is continuing to reach out to its nearly eighty members who live in Japan learn how it can be of direct assistance.

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