Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Sleep Education Blog has moved!

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine thanks all of the readers who have been following the Sleep Education Blog since its launch in January 2009. We hope that the blog has kept you informed with the latest news, updates and tips about sleep and sleep disorders.

We are excited to announce that the blog recently moved to the AASM’s website at www.sleepeducation.com.  On the website you will continue to find the same relevant and insightful content that you have come to expect from the blog.

Launched in 2005, www.sleepeducation.com has received a complete overhaul.  The new site includes online videos and full social media integration.  All content is dynamic and easy to share on Facebook, Twitter and other leading social networks.

The website has new bells and whistles.  But it still provides you with accurate information about sleep disorders from the leader in sleep medicine.   And you will continue to get the best and most relevant information about sleep from the integrated blog.  This includes the latest findings from sleep research and helpful tips to improve your sleep.

The website also features a directory of AASM-accredited member sleep centers.  Powered by Google Maps, the directory will help you find a trusted local sleep center.  Get the medical help you need for sleep apnea, insomnia or any other sleep illness.

We hope you will visit our new website today at www.sleepeducation.com!

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