Friday, February 13, 2009

To Sleep or To Wake: A Drowsy Driving Dilemma

Today Boston Globe writer Geoff Edgers shares some interesting insights from his recent episode of drowsy driving.

It wasn’t quite a near-death experience. But it was enough to destroy his tire. And put a scare into the friend who was riding with him.

It also caused him to question his priorities. Where exactly is sleep supposed to fit in his busy schedule? It seems like the need for sleep is a frustrating nuisance that prevents him from getting more done.

One of Edgers’ main complaints is that he feels like he doesn’t have time to sleep. In a competitive workplace he can’t get by on talent alone. He has to put in more time than the next person.

On top of that there are other obligations that demand his time. Family. Hobbies. Other projects.

Is it worth it to cut back on something he values just so he can get more sleep? Is it true that getting more sleep will actually enable him to get more done?

Two sleep specialists provide their perspective on Edgers’ dilemma. Their consensus: Sleep is the solution, not the problem.

Not only is Edgers playing Russian roulette with his life by drowsy driving. But he’s also less efficient during the day because he’s sleep deprived.

He needs to practice self-control to get the seven to eight hours of sleep that he needs. A full night of sleep? In the end, Edgers wonders what that would feel like.

Can you relate to Edgers? How do you balance all of the demands on your time with your need for sleep? Is it simply a matter of self-control? When you have to make a choice, does sleep come out on the losing end?

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