Sunday, November 29, 2009

Don’t Let Holiday Stress Disrupt Your Sleep

Although the holidays are a time for joy, they can also cause a great deal of stress. Between shopping, decorating and hosting parties, you may find that sleep has moved to the bottom of your priority list.

You may tell yourself that you will have time to catch up on sleep in the new year, but you may not realize the harm you can do by skimping on sleep.

Dentist and UCSF professor of restorative dentistry Steven Goldman told the San Jose Mercury News that when people are under stress and not sleeping well they are at higher risk for developing bruxism, or night-time teeth grinding.

Bruxism is not always serious. However, severe bruxism can lead to tooth damage, muscle pain and headaches. You can use an oral appliance to protect your teeth while you sleep if you frequently grind your teeth.

Planning holiday activities in advance can help alleviate your stress. Knowing your limits can also prevent you from over scheduling and cutting into your sleep time.

Holidays are a time for enjoying family and friends, but it is also important during this time to manage your stress and health. To make this an enjoyable and healthy season, make sure to leave time for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep experts recommend that adults sleep between seven and eight hours each night. Learn more about healthy sleep habits.

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