Friday, November 13, 2009

How Moms Influence Teen Sleep

A new study looked for similarities in the sleep patterns of teens and their parents.

The Swiss
study involved 293 teens with an average age of almost 18 years; 73 percent were female.

They completed a seven-day sleep log; they also completed questionnaires about their psychological functioning. The teens rated their parents’ sleep and parenting styles.

Results show a correlation between the sleep patterns of the teens and their parents. The study also found that how mothers sleep may have an indirect effect on the sleep of their teens.

Mothers’ poor sleep had a direct impact on their parenting style. This affected the psychological functioning of teens. Parenting style and teens’ mental functioning combined to influence how teens sleep.

The authors concluded that teen sleep problems may mirror an unfavorable parenting style and sleep complaints among mothers. Understanding this relationship could improve family counseling and treatment of teen sleep complaints.

In August the Sleep Education Blog reported that a teen’s sleep pattern may be a marker of his or her risk for developing
depression. Another recent study found that technology use may be taking a toll on the sleep of teens.

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