Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Have No Control Over My Racing Mind

Many people with insomnia complain that their thoughts race out of control at bedtime. This complaint is typical of psychophysiological insomnia.

This form of insomnia involves a state of “hyperarousal” at bedtime. Often your thoughts focus on your inability to sleep. As a result you may try harder to fall asleep. But this effort may cause you to stay awake even longer.

But the belief that you have no control over a racing mind is one myth about insomnia. You can learn how to relax your mind and your body when you are in bed. Part of this process involves setting aside time to reflect on the day’s events and plan for what lies ahead.

Cognitive behavioral therapy also can help put the brakes on your racing thoughts. It helps you develop positive attitudes and habits that promote a healthy pattern of sleep. One common method is relaxation training.

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