Friday, April 24, 2009

Valerian Fails to Improve Sleep in Older Women with Insomnia

A new study adds to the evidence that valerian is an ineffective treatment for insomnia.

The study involved 16 women with an average age of 69 years. All of the women had insomnia. They were given either 300 mg of valerian extract or a placebo 30 minutes before bedtime for two weeks.

The study found that the effect of valerian was no different than the placebo after one dose or after two weeks. The women were unable to fall asleep faster.

Their wakefulness during the night actually increased after two weeks of nightly valerian. They woke up for about 18 minutes more during the night after first falling asleep.

Other studies of valerian have found similar results. A
recent review analyzed the findings of 37 studies. The authors concluded that valerian is “safe but not effective” for insomnia.

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