Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More than Insomnia: Other Sleep Disorders Are Common in Older Adults

Many older adults struggle with insomnia. Now a new study shows that in older adults other sleep disorders are common too.

The study involved 892 people between the ages of 70 and 89. Results show that 59 percent had signs of at least one sleep disorder other than insomnia.

Data were gathered by questionnaire. Symptoms were reported by a person who sleeps in the same room as the participant.

Sleep-related leg cramps was the most common sleep disorder. Symptoms were present in 32 percent of participants.

The second and third most common sleep disorders were
obstructive sleep apnea and periodic limb movements in sleep. Other common sleep disorders were REM sleep behavior disorder, restless legs syndrome and sleepwalking.

“All of these sleep disorders can disrupt a person’s quality of life, because they affect sleep,” lead researcher Dr. Jennifer Molano said in a Mayo Clinic
statement. “But if these problems are recognized, an accurate diagnosis could lead to successful treatment.”

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mrsrpda said...

My Dad has REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. He was diagnosed almost 10 years ago and it certainly did effect his quality of life. We've been fortunate to finally find him great help but very glad to see it mentioned here. More people need to be aware of it.

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