Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009: The Year in Sleep Top 20

The Sleep Education Blog is counting down the Top 25 Posts of 2009. Yesterday we took a look back at five of the blog posts that received the highest number of unique pageviews.

Today we’ll continue with five more of the most popular posts:

Alcohol & Sleep: Nix the Nightcaps (Aug. 20)
Decades of research shows that alcohol disrupts your sleep in a variety of ways.

Can a “Sleep Diet” Really Help You Lose Weight? (Feb. 10)
It’s been suggested that you can you lose weight by simply getting more sleep. Seven women decided to take the challenge.

Internet Intervention: Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (June 1)
A new study added to the evidence supporting online CBT as an effective treatment option for insomnia.

How White Noise & Sound Machines Can Help You Sleep (April 16)
The soothing sound of white noise is a simple treatment for some people who have insomnia. And a wide range of both high-tech and traditional sound generators are available.

Online CBT for Insomnia: Using the Internet to Get Some “SHUTi” (July 7)
Another study found that sleep improved in adults with ongoing insomnia who completed an online cognitive behavioral therapy program.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look back at five more of the top blog posts from 2009.

Image by Steve Chihos

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