Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chevelle Puts Sleep Apnea on the Music Charts

Sleep disorders had a good year on the music charts in 2009.

First Craig David released the
hit song “Insomnia.” Now the rock group Chevelle has given obstructive sleep apnea the lyrical treatment.

Their song “Sleep Apnea” appears on the band’s fifth album,
Sci-Fi Crimes. In September the album debuted at number one on the Billboard Alternative Albums and Hard Rock Albums charts.

It also includes the hit song, “Jars.” The song is number 11 on the
Billboard Rock Songs chart and one of the Top 10 Rock Songs of 2009 according to AOL Radio listeners.

The lyrics of “Sleep Apnea” weren’t meant to be a literal description of OSA.

“'Sleep Apnea' is really talking about our lack of sleep we get out on the road, written pretty tongue and cheek,” lead singer Peter Loeffler
told StarPulse. “It's about the weariness and where you can find yourself at. It's not constant but at certain times you're exhausted.”

But the song may bring some much-needed attention to a serious sleep disorder. In particular the line, “So I gasp and hold my breath,” may strike a familiar chord with listeners who have been unaware that they suffer from OSA:

Try to read off a letter that's
Falling apart
The sun and the moon
I count sheep
Escape like an animal I'm ready for
My sleepless stroll

I’ve felt these shifting hours
Mistakenly used up
So I gasp and hold my breath
These needs have changed so deep
To face you all and say
I've been awake for years

I gasp and hold my breath
These needs have changed so deep
To face you all and say
I've been awake for...


Do you ever wake up gasping for breath? Does your bed partner hold his or her breath during sleep? It may be sleep apnea.

STOP and find out if you are at risk for sleep apnea. You also can answer these questions on to learn more about your risk. Get help for sleep apnea at an AASM-accredited sleep center near you.

So what’s next in 2010? Maybe a song called “Narcolepsy” will be released. Wait, it’s already been done by
Ben Folds Five and Third Eye Blind.

Image courtesy of Chevelle

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