Saturday, January 2, 2010

Insomnia Cookies for College Students

Late nights will be common as college students head back to campus for the winter semester. Whether studying or partying, sleep is often put on hold.

Hungry students typically have to choose from the three late-night food groups: pizza, burgers and tacos. But on some campuses a company is delivering cookies and milk for students who crave something different after dark.

The idea began in 2003 when some students at the University of Pennsylvania began baking cookies for their friends. Soon other students started calling.

So they began delivering late-night cookies and milk across campus.
Insomnia Cookies was born.

Now the company has expanded to nearly 20 campuses. Cookies and milk are being delivered to night owls at schools such as Cornell, NYU, Purdue and South Carolina.

But hunger isn’t the only nighttime problem for college students. A
recent study of college students found that more than 60 percent were poor sleepers.

These students were much more likely to have problems with their physical and mental health. Tension and stress were significant predictors of sleep quality.

The study also found that students were sleep deprived. Only 30 percent of students reported sleeping at least eight hours per night.

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