Saturday, February 13, 2010

AASM-Accredited Sleep Centers: Providing Quality Care

The show eightWest on WOOD TV8 in Grand Rapids, Mich., recently visited a local sleep disorders center. They went to learn more about how you can get help for a sleep problem.

AASM member Dr. William Katz explained the basics of how a sleep disorder is diagnosed. He is the medical director of the
Metro Health Hospital Sleep Disorders Lab in Grand Rapids.

Earlier this year the lab
received program accreditation from the AASM. It is now one of more than 1,900 AASM-accredited sleep centers and labs across the country.

AASM accreditation lets you know that a sleep center or lab maintains the highest standards of quality. Applicants have to make the grade in areas such as testing procedures, patient safety and staff training.

AASM accreditation also ensures that you receive expert care. AASM-accredited sleep centers and labs are required to have a board-certified sleep specialist as the medical director.

In November the Sleep Education Blog explained more about AASM accreditation. You can find an AASM-accredited sleep center or lab near you by going to

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