Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Anti-Energy Drinks May Help you Sleep; Use May Result in an Overdose of Sleep Promoting Hormones

New melatonin-based beverages receive mixed reviews, according to the New York Daily News. They may help you sleep, but they also overload your body with hormones.

Many people who struggle to get the sleep they need look for a “quick-fix”. To them, these drinks may seem like a miracle cure.

But are they safe?

According to the article, these beverages contain between 20 to 50 times more melatonin than the amount that is naturally found in the body.

AASM member
Dr. Charles Czeisler reminds consumers that melatonin is a hormone. Czeisler said, “"[Hormones] should not be put in beverages, since the amount people drink often depends on thirst and taste rather than being taken only when needed like any other drug."

While no serious side effects have been linked with the use of melatonin, these drinks should still be used with caution. Long-term effects remain unknown.

Consult a board-certified sleep expert at an
AASM-accredited sleep center if you are suffering from an ongoing sleep problems.

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