Friday, April 9, 2010

CBS Doc Talks Sleep Deprivation & Naps

CBS news correspondent Dr. Jon Lapook recently visited with AASM member Dr. Neil Kavey. The two discussed the rampant problem of sleep deprivation.

“The problem is people think they can get away with being sleep deprived,” Kavey told Lapook. “So they’re willing to sacrifice sleep in the interest of finding time to do other things. But no one gets away with it.”

Kavey said that the symptoms of sleep deprivation can be subtle. It’s like going about your day “fighting through a cloud.”

“The real problem is we don’t recognize it,” he said. “We think we’re doing fine.”

Lapook agreed, saying that sleep deprivation is common among his patients.

“I think it’s probably the biggest unrecognized medical problem that I see,” he said.

Kavey added that you should make it a priority to get more sleep whenever you’re not getting enough.

“It’s really important to not feel lazy and get all the sleep you can,” he said. “So catch up whenever you can. Catch up on weekends, and catch up on naps when you can.”

Lapook ended the feature by stopping by
YeloSpa in midtown Manhattan to see if he could get a power nap. The day spa offers private YeloCab cabins that are a “refuge for sleep-deprived New Yorkers.”

Are you sleep deprived? Visit to read the Seven Signs You Need Sleep from the AASM. Learn more about sleep deprivation.

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