Monday, April 12, 2010

Help wanted: sleeping bag tester

Most companies discipline workers for nodding off while on the clock, in Great Britain there’s a job that actually encourages it.

The catch is the quality of sleep might not be so great. You’ll have to sleep outside under canvas.

The Telegraph reports retail chain Halfords is looking to hire someone to put sleeping bags and other camping gear to the test.

Pay isn’t too shabby either - about $15 an hour, with the promise of at least $900 per week.

No experience is needed, but applicants must "demonstrate an interest in camping and outdoors leisure activities."

The job does have one notable downside: you’ll probably have to endure the elements.
But at least you’d never have to make a mid-day Starbucks run, or attempt to gulp down another cup of that foul-tasting black coffee kept in the company break room.

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