Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Radio DJ skips sleep, targets world record

Things are about to get messy on the Idaho airwaves. Radio personality KeKe Luv is approaching his sixth consecutive day of broadcasting, and he hasn’t slept more than a couple minutes at a time.

If he can stay awake for two more days he’ll shatter the world record for longest consecutive broadcast. And he only gets three 15-minute breaks a day.

KeKe Luv, otherwise known as Steve Kicklighter, does some kind of stunt every year to raise awareness of child abuse prevention. Only two years ago he successfully stayed up for 7 days straight. But it’s that extra 24 hours that might just do him in.

Last time, his boss almost pulled him away from the broadcast booth towards the end of the radio marathon when he “wasn’t making a whole lot of sense.”

Remarkably, Kicklighter stays away from the coffee and soda. He wants to avoid crashing when the caffeine wears off.

You can watch a live webcam of his broadcast here.

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