Thursday, April 22, 2010

Projected first-round NFL draft pick has narcolepsy?

Pro football scouts are taking a hard look at outside linebacker Sergio Kindle in the hours leading up to tonight’s NFL draft. The impact pass rusher made a splash at University of Texas, recording 55 tackles including six sacks in 2009, but some teams may pass on Kindle because of his problems off the field. Some of those issues are due to his reported struggles with narcolepsy.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Bob McGinn reports Kindle would fall asleep in team meetings, leaving his college coaches wondering what was wrong with him.

Several unnamed sources told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that Kindle is now taking medication to control his narcolepsy and attention deficit disorder.

His problems don’t stop there:

“In 2007, Kindle was arrested for drunken driving and suspended three games. His license was suspended, he attended mandatory Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and he performed 60 hours of community service.
Last June, Kindle suffered a concussion when the car he was driving in Austin, Texas, slammed into an apartment building. He didn't report the incident to police until the next morning.
At the combine, Kindle said the accident occurred because he was texting. Also at the combine, he told the Journal Sentinel that he no longer used alcohol.”

Some experts project Kindle to go as high as 12th overall tonight. The NFL draft airs tonight on ESPN.

People with narcolepsy tend to have excessive daytime sleepiness. Frequent naps are common. And sudden, irresistible “sleep attacks” may occur in unusual situations.

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