Monday, May 10, 2010

“Good Morning America” Dr.: cognitive behavioral therapy better fix for insomnia than sleeping pills

This morning a segment on ABC’s “Good Morning America” explained how cognitive behavioral therapy works and how it helps patients with insomnia.

The first in a series of stories titled “Help Me Fix It”, Dr. Richard Besser emphasized you don’t need pills to get your sleep back on track.

The AASM recognizes cognitive behavioral therapy as the treatment of choice for primary insomnia. Sleeping medications such as Ambien or Lunesta are viewed as an effective temporary solution for short-term insomnia.

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Planet Narcolepsy said...

I think the assumption is vague. Insomnia can be an indicator of so many other things. If the cause is something that can be dealt with by seeking C/BT, then by all means, go for it.

However, if insomnia is a symptom of something larger, as it often is (such as, in my case, Narcolepsy), C/BT and good sleep hygiene just won't cut it, no matter how long and hard you try.

There needs to be clarification.

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