Wednesday, May 5, 2010

‘Wide Awake: A Memoire of Insomnia’ promises to be a humorous romp about the sleep industry

A self-described fourth generation insomniac, three years ago Patricia Morrisroe set out on a personal journey to conquer her lifelong sleep disorder. From traditional medicine to new age healing, she would sample everything the sleep industry had to offer. She talked to sleep doctors and drug makers, and magicians and hypnotherapists, all in an effort to become a sleep expert.

This week, her colorful journey hits book store shelves. describes ‘Wide Awake: A Memoire of Insomnia’ as a memoire that “blends science, culture, and business to tell the story of why she—and forty million other Americans—can’t sleep at night.”

According to the book’s description, she also took part in a sleep study, and learned about many of the treatments recommended by the AASM.

In her interview on NPR’s Talk of the Nation earlier this week made mention of cognitive behavioral therapy, CPAP and oral appliances for sleep apnea, and drugs like Ambien and Trazadone.

Morrisroe says she was inspired when she was almost hit by a taxi while walking the New York City streets in a sleep deprived haze.

She wondered if a change of scenery would do the trick. In the book she moves from the 'city that never sleeps', to a supposedly serene countryside. She even tries to slumber north of the Arctic Circle, on an ice bed at the world-famous Icehotel.

Morrisroe interviews doctors and other credible experts. She also talked to a magician, an astronaut and a reindeer herder. And she attended a costumed Dream Ball in California, dressed up as her “dream self.

The premise of the book sounds intriguing. It will be interesting to see what kind of conclusions she came away with after her globetrotting journey. Look for a review of ‘Wide Awake’ in the coming weeks.

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