Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sleep week at New York’s WCBS

Springs sweeps is here again, and broadcast outlets across the country are pulling out all the stops to draw viewers. In New York City WCBS hopes to get a ratings boost by airing the feature series “Sleep Week.”

In the first special report, which aired last night, health correspondent Dr. Holly Phillips profiled REM Sleep Behavior Disorder.

The story focused on the Oregon case we previously mentioned. The husband faces criminal charges because he began punching his wife while he was asleep.

He had RBD, which caused him to unconsciously act out his vivid, action-packed dreams.

The reporter also interviewed another man with a strange case of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. The French immigrant would get up and dance during his dreams. The next morning he’d wake up with mysterious cuts and bruises from apparently falling over or bumping into objects.

You can go to CBS-2’s website to view the entire report.

Tonight, Sleep Week continues at the New York news station with a feature on “The Six Sleep Wreckers”, things that guarantee you a bad night’s sleep. We’ll be sure to post the link after it airs.

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