Friday, May 14, 2010

Latest line of Sony HDTVs watch you sleep

An advanced feature Sony is rolling out with its latest line of HDTV’s lets the television watch you, the viewer.

This role reversal is made possible by facial recognition technology comparable to what’s found in Sony’s high-end cameras.

Why would they include this you ask – the answer is to save energy. When users fall asleep while watching television, it automatically turns of the screen’s backlight.

The Guardian UK reports the facial recognition technology is part of a suite of energy saving features created to help Sony achieve its goal of having a “zero environmental footprint” by 2050.

The televisions also include a heat and motion sensor so the television turns off if no one is in the room. There’s also an ambient light sensor so the picture dims depending on the room’s brightness.

All of these features were introduced last year in Sony’s Bravia WE5 model and will be included in many new TV models.

Is a television that can recognize your face helpful or creepy? Depends on how you view it. This blogger speculates Sony could expand the use of this technology in future products, specifically its video games. Playstation 4 anyone?

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